Customized Cake. We Filipinos really love to celebrates our loved ones on their special occasions,  birthdays, debut, and surprises, but in order, for us to give the best for them, we must share and provide them the best that is loved at all times.

Customized cakes and cupcakes are surely the best gifts to offer, not just it spreads love and affection but also creates an atmosphere of togetherness, bonding, and trust.

Celebrants and guests will become part of the occasion, designs on our cakes will be the first impression to offer, great designs means a higher degree of appreciation on the part of the celebrants.


We offer the Best!

What we offer is really the best, we provide the best designs, create the best designs, with your help to customize your cakes we can surely give the best for our loved ones.


Create your own Design

You probably don’t know how to customize your loved one’s cake but in Make my Cake by Mums it is our pleasure to help you with your creation, so feel free to visit us and let’s create cakes at your own designs.


We can offer you beyond your expectations!

Make my cake by Mums, create and design with your heart, best designs and great designs will surely be a champion idea for your loved ones, on her special day, celebrate it with great gifts.