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A cake that is loved at all times!

“All of our cakes are customized, creatively and wonderfully designed.  We are as dependable to our customer on how their cake wishes to look like. We are happy to know that our customers are satisfied and find it comforting with the mouth-watering taste of our cake.  Make my Cake by Mums we feel blessed to have a lasting relationship with our customers, working with them and being familiar with what they want with their cake.

Predictability and Stability is our goal, for you to have a cake centerpiece that will bring lasting memories of happiness and fulfillment from such a special day.” It is started 5 years ago with a very small capital. I was amazed by this cake shop nearby and made me dreamed that one day, I will have my own cake shop too.

I (seated at the left side) started making my dreams come true when I started to enroll in a short course that offers baking, but of course, with a little research and trial and error, I come up with a business that changed my life forever. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of

Science in Accountancy and worked in the bank for 4 years.


Life’s Journey

My life as a single mom is not that easy since I am raising my son by myself. That is why I need to work hard for my son. I resigned from my work for the reason that my heart was really into business and decided to pursue my dreams and started working on it. I conquered everything and by the Grace of the Lord my business is now a hit in Cavite and beyond with my special moist cake and cupcakes.


Our Story


Started with online selling and now having my own physical store is truly a blessing for me and my son. Everything falls perfectly in time according to Ecclesiastes 3, and now by the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, I have managed to make it through.

 “When God works in your life, no one not even a thing could ever stop it.”  The shop will be a blessing to our customer, providing you the best cakes on the market and enhancing the quality service, customized cakes, and cupcakes making it a choice for your celebrations.