Frequently Asked Questions @ Make my Cake by MUMS

Make my Cake by Must always see to it that we give the best service to our customers.

Where are you located?
A: Make my Cake by Mums is located at 115 Evangelista St., Banalo St., Bacoor City, Cavite.

Do you decorate or personalize your cakes?
A: Yes we do, for your special occasions.

When should I order?
A: Orders for Monday thru Sunday should be placed at least
7 (seven) days in advance.

Do you decorate or personalize your cakes?
A: Yes

Do your cakes freeze well?
A: Our cakes freeze beautifully up to three months

How long does a cake stay fresh?
A: As a general rule, our cakes stay fresh at room temperature up to one week.

Should I refrigerate my cake?
A: We do not recommend refrigerating the cakes; it seems to dry them out.

Do you sell fat-free cakes?
A: No.

Do you ship cakes?
A: No. For pickups only. Refer to our contact page to see our location.

Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to answer all your inquiries, you can always drop by.