Themed cakes say it all!

Make my Cake by Mums, Themed Birthday Cakes. Cakes and cupcakes for your special occasions including birthdays, weddings, christenings, baby showers, and corporate events.  Everyone interested in making their dream wedding cake and birthday cake a reality, don’t hesitate to sit down with us.

We strive to create customized fondant cakes. It is our privilege to create themed cakes at your own convenient time, a precious moment with our customer bring us to the level of expertise we wish to achieve, so-called personal touch to the creation of a cake.

Unique design for once in a lifetime celebrations, this 80th Birthday cake for our Grandpas and Grandmas, with white and pink floral design, will put a heartful smile on their faces.

A themed birthday for your loved ones.

Whether you are going the DIY track or just asking a friend to bake for your loved one, or working with a pastry shop, with Make my Cake by Mums, a birthday cake doesn’t end on the design but as well create an atmosphere of trust, love, and care.  You can choose from available designs from a very simple to elegant as well.  Let us help you to learn how to make the simplest, fudgiest one layered up to three-layered Chocolate Cake with Creamy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting that will truly loved by your guests!